Give yourself a head start

We are currently hiring extraordinary engineers to help us realize our visions about how tomorrows social media landscape could look like. Solving one or more of our puzzles can get you a good head start and a ticket to China!
If you think that you got what it takes, don't hesitate.

At P1, we believe in choosing the best tool for the job. To handle the complex computations on our back-end servers, we employ Google's open-source programming language Go – a concurrent compiled language offering efficiency and robust error recovery. While we're excited about Go, we don't expect you to know it in advance. We do, however, expect you to be willing to explore and experiment with new languages, while learning and evolving as a developer. In other words: We want to find the right people, not just the right backgrounds.

You should write your code in either C, C++, Java, Python or Go. When you are done with your hack please send your code to, include your source code files as attachments and use the specific problem id as subject line of your email. (i.e.: Puzzle ID: catvsdog).

The P1 Team

Our office is like a melting pot.
We got everything from French DJ's to Swedish Green Peace activists and Shanghainese Data Yogi's.

Meet two of them:

Programming-competition-winner-business-school-graduate-at-the same-time-as-he-finished-Computer-science-degree-and-learnt-Russian-on-the-side Engineer.

After Sweden, another nation famous for winning Eurovision Song Contest: Finland. This former heavy weight lifter for the Finnish national team sings to glory of well written code and rants against nested if-statements. You've been warned!